• Nourishing Rose Cleansing Oil

Nourishing Rose Cleansing Oil


This cleansing oil purifies, softens, & balances the skins natural moisture levels. It removes excess oil, makeup, dirt, bacteria & it doesn't clog pores! It also nourishes your complexion with its powerful antioxidant oils & hydrates for younger looking skin! Some cleansers can strip the skins natural oils. When your skin feels dry it tries to repair itself, overcompensating for the lack of moisture by producing additional oil. Maintain beautiful, clear & healthy skin with this Cleanser!




Rose Geranium Essential Oil Blend- Rose essential oil is anti-inflammatory, prevents and reduces scarring, balances the skin and elevates the mind.


Noni Oil- Rich source of Vitamin C, proven to be beneficial in treating several skin problems like acne, rough & dry skin, & even dark spots, has Anti-Aging Properties, contains Selenium (an important antioxidant & trace element that preserves the skins elasticity, thus slowing the aging process). Helps with burns/sunburns, helps to prevent the development of acne triggered scars on the skin.


Tamanu Oil- Good for acne, acne scars, eczema, has Anti-Aging properties, high in antioxidants, contains moisturizing omega fatty acids, helps to improve sunburn damage & wrinkles, soothes dry skin.


Avocado Oil- Increases Collagen production, helps with eczema & psoriasis, rich in moisturizing fatty acids & antioxidant carotenoids, contains Beta Carotene, protein, Lecithin, Vitamin A,D & E, soothes dry chapped skin, & protects skin from UV rays.


Organic Jojoba Oil- Anti-Aging, removes build up of excess oil, makeup, dirt & bacteria, doesn’t clog pores, moisturizes, rich in iodine which fights harmful bacteria growth that leads to breakouts, & helps with acne.


Grapeseed Oil- Moisturizes the skin, helps to reduce scars & acne, restores collagen & has Anti-Aging properties.


Macadamia Nut Oil- Lightweight oil that is well absorbed into the skin without feeling greasy, powerful antioxidant, high in fatty acids including oleic acid (Omega 9) which is very moisturizing, regenerating & softening on the skin, has Anti-Aging properties, contains phytosterols which acts as penetration enhancers delivering the important benefits to the deepest layer of the skin, helps fade scars & soothes sunburn.


Skincare How to-

Mask & Exfoliate once a week
Follow routine with SPF