Dr. Patricia Bogema

ReVitalize Health and Wellness Center

Thank you for introducing me to your natural handmade soaps. I wanted to let you know how they have helped my 7 year- old granddaughter. Her hands were raw and bleeding for months from using antibacterial perfumed soaps that she got for Christmas. I had her stop those soaps and use one over the counter hypoallergenic soaps. In addition, I had her use hypoallergenic moisturizers and wear cotton gloves at night. Her hands were slightly better by doing that but it was not until she started using your soaps that her hands completely healed. Thanks again for your wonderful products and I will continue to recommend them not only to my family but to my patients as well.


Clay Forsberg, MD

 When I was first given a gift package of Natures Bubbles natural handmade soaps, I never dreamt I’d be driven to give a testimonial. Although I’m a plastic surgeon, I’m still a guy’s guy and so fancy organic soaps were never something I had sought out! Well I sure am glad I got to try them because I absolutely love these soaps. They feel great, have subtle, natural scents, and are incredibly moisturizing. I have had dry sensitive skin and deal with razor burn and this stuff has been fantastic for both issues. I highly recommend to absolutely everybody – you’ll love it and it will make your skin look and feel great!


Lori T.

I am so grateful for Nature’s Bubbles and Aloe & Bloom!! I love all the natural soaps I get from Nature’s Bubbles!! I used to have dry skin, and would get dry bumps on my chest (even with lotion) and since I’ve been using Nature’s Bubbles soaps the bumps are gone and my skin feels so clean and soft!! I love all of the Nature’s Bubbles products!! Don’t tell my husband I said this…but he uses the bath bombs more than I do!! I am also very happy that they have now developed their own line of skin care!!  Of course, I gave it a try as soon as it launched!!  Well I am happy to say, the skin care is also AMAZING!! I have only been using it for a few weeks and it has already made a noticeable difference in my complexion and my fine lines!! It has minimized the fine lines around my mouth, under my eyes, my lips, and neck!! It has even minimized my rosacea!! YAY!!  I love the way each product smells, so natural and fresh! No synthetic perfumes or chemicals!!  As a cancer survivor, and an RN working toward my aromatherapist license, natural and non-toxic are extremely important to me and I know the value of the essential oils used in the products!! Results are equally important to me, and Aloe & Bloom has achieved both with their skin care!!!  I’m hooked!!  I love the products!!  I am a customer for life!!  Thank you Nature’s Bubbles and Aloe & Bloom for coming to the rescue and finally giving us safe, non-toxic, and natural skin care that truly works!!!

 Forever Grateful!!

Lori T.


Mary K.

I have to share this with all my friends and family on FB. I have been in the Beauty Industry for 36 years and I can count on one hand products that I truly believe in and very rarely almost never will I back a product. Diana who I went to High School with and also Cosmetology School. In this Industry that I'm so proud of passionate about and love more now then ever. Like lots of people we lost track of each other for all these years. We found each other on FB and I learned that Diana and her Daughter Brittney also a licensed Esthetician created an all organic skin care line called "Aloe & Bloom" and "Natures Bubbles". Intrigued but very skeptical because of being in this business for so long and knowing the chemicals that are just horrible for our skin it makes it tough to believe. Knowing Diana as I do and her passion for the Beauty Industry and how much she cares about people and wanting to give them a product that was truly incredible, I just knew it would be amazing. I do not work for Diana or her Daughter Brittney. I truly felt the need to share. After ordering the products I could not be more excited! Totally organic with amazing ingredients these two women have created after working very hard the best skin care line and soaps I have ever tried. My skin is very dry and I live in the desert. After using all the products I am ecstatic! My skin immediately is as soft as babies skin after using one of their many soaps. The skin care line I could not believe! I have been sick for a couple days and became dehydrated. After using the skin care products I could feel and see my skin plump up and become very hydrated. That was a few hours ago and my skin is still plumbed up and hydrated. 
It doesn't stop there. Diana and Britney also have created a perfume called Monroe. Perfume has been another problem area for me. Either too strong or just smells terrible on me. These ladies perfume Monroe is absolutely the best perfume I have come across that smells incredible on me. So much that I have had other women stop me to tell me how wonderful I smell and where can they get it. Can't remember the last time that's happened. It's a very soft and sexy gorgeous scent like nothing I have smelt before. My husband loves it! 
I really felt compelled to share what these two passionate completely dedicated to delivering the very best skin care and soaps to their clients. I am leaving the information for you. You will be thrilled. Totally organic, results are AMAZING, with a great price point. 
I am one very happy woman and I can not thank you ladies enough!


Emma W.

Before I start my raving about this amazing company I will start with absolute honesty.
Yes, this is my friends company. No, I’m not being paid to talk about it. She actually has no idea I’m writing this. Surprise!!! Lol. 
When Aloe & Bloom came to be, I was already using a skincare line that I thought was working and was way too expensive. 
When my friend Brittney Douglas told me about her line coming out, of course I would buy something to support. What I didn’t know is that I would never buy any other products from anywhere else ever again!! 
I have never had “bad” skin. My skin has always been relatively great. I’ve had a few stress related breakouts here and there, but nothing ever really major. I know what you’re thinking….”That B*#ch.” Now before you click out of this post. I swear you will love these products.
I thought I had good skin before and now I can tell you with absolute confidence my skin has improved dramatically and is the best it has ever been. I noticed a difference after just a few days of using these products. I kept looking at my face going OMG this is insane. I don’t even need to wear makeup.
All natural and plant based. Aloe & Bloom is the way to go. 
Xx, The LA Blonde


Melissa N.

About 5 years ago I started having problems with my face and was diagnosed with peri oral dermatitis. I saw my Dermatologist and was prescribed a topical antibiotic and was told if that didn't work oral antibiotics would be needed. I was told sun exposure and stress could cause the flare ups. Well I love the lake and who doesn't have stress. Plus this was all new for me. I don't like taking medications and I wasn't happy with this treatment course. So I started researching and found that a major contributor to my condition was sodium laurel sulfate (sls). This stuff was in EVERYTHING I used on my head and face from shampoo, face wash and even my toothpaste. I was not ok w this but finding products without this ingredient was difficult. Shortly after I stopped using sls Nature's Bubbles came into my life (no sls!) I've been using their soaps for about 4 years and I love them! I especially love the fact that the products are good for me. What goes on my body goes in it too. I no longer had flare ups or any other problems with my skin. When I heard the news about the new facial line Aloe & Bloom was coming out with I couldn't wait to get started using the products. I've been using the whole facial line for about a month and the facial scrub and the facial mask for about 2 weeks now and I couldn't be happier. The results are amazing! The fine lines and dark circles around my eyes are dramatically decreased and my complexion is soft and bright with even skin tone. Nature's Bubbles and Aloe & Bloom products are absolutely amazing!


Christy V.
I started my journey with healthier skin care by using Nature's Bubbles soap. Who knew that a natural soap was going to have so many benefits?? Prior to using Nature's Bubbles soaps I would get spots of eczema on my shins, since I started using the soaps I have not had a flare up and have not had to use cortisone creams to stop the itching. I used to get dry itchy skin, so much so that it was sometimes hard to fall asleep because it was so uncomfortable. I haven't had that issue for years now, thanks to the soaps and lotions. The fragrances of both products are also amazing. It makes taking a shower feel like a spa experience and then to make it even better, I am now using the entire skin care line from Aloe & Bloom. I absolutely love the fact that I am not adding any chemicals to my body from either the soaps and lotions or any of the products I use on my face. I have also noticed that the dark spots on my hands have started to vanish. I have been vigilant about protecting my face with sunscreen but not so much for the backs of my hands. When I am applying the serums and moisturizer to my face, I would rub any of the remaining product into my hands. What an amazing side benefit that my hands are now looking younger too! For the first time in my life I have started to receive compliments about how good my skin looks and have had several people ask me about the skin care products I am using. I cannot say enough about how thrilled I am to be using all of these natural products, try them you will not be sorry!


Mary R.

My family has been using Nature's Bubbles for a couple of years now. My teenage kids and I love the charcoal acne bar, toner and infusion face cream. After using these 3 products for a couple of months I went to my esthetician and she couldn't believe how clear and moisturized my face looked. I told her what I was using and she now uses the product. Recently, we ran out of our product and was introduced to Aloe & Bloom products. WOW! Just using it for a week my teenage son's acne has dried up and looks so much better. My skin feels soft, clear and hydrated in just one week. I can't wait to see what my skin looks and feels like in a month of using these products. My kids and I are in love with these products and can't be without them. I also like being informed on the ingredients I am putting on my skin and what they do for you. Diana is very informative and explains each ingredient to you. I've learned so much. Thanks Natures Bubbles and Aloe & Bloom for these awesome products.


Shelly H.
I was first introduced to Aloe & Bloom through its sister company; Natures Bubbles. A client of mine's skin looked noticeably clearer and I asked what she was using to get these results and she said a 'black charcoal bar' from Natures Bubbles. I then reached out to Diana, curious about her product and wanting to try it on my clients and could not have been happier about it! She then told me of the full skincare line her and her daughter were formulating and I couldn't wait to try! Since getting and using the full Aloe & Bloom skincare line I have seen amazing changes in my own skin, the best being less noticeable acne scarring! As an esthetician I am particular about what I use and ingredients are very important, Diana and Brittney have chosen some amazing natural performance ingredients that truly do their job! Each product is special in its own way so to pick a favorite would be hard - though the Vitamin C Serum is a must have for everyone!! I even use Aloe & Bloom in my customized facials, the Oxygen mask is fantastic and the oxygen scrub leaves you feeling so smooth! Really I could go on and on about these amazing products and recommend them to my clients daily! I can't wait to see (and try) what they come out with next!
Donnikah K.
We are a Nature’s Bubbles family starting from Papa Bear all the way down to the baby. I have a son in competitive gymnastics and the chalk on top of his pre-existing eczema makes his skin SO dry and only Natures Bubbles soaps (plus a fish oil supplement) have proven to keep his skin from breaking over the years. I had a four-year-old daughter with cancer. Everything about it was cruel. She underwent several rounds of chemotherapy and radiation. It was rough on her on her fragile body. During one of her treatment phases, she received high dose chemo that as a side effect caused her skin (and mucous membranes) to break. We were required to take baths everyday to avoid infection and to help soothe her skin. The doctors instructed us to use these generic oil and lotion products and when I read the label, I couldn’t understand half the stuff on there. As if she didn’t have enough toxins in her. We stuck with what we knew and used only Diana’s products on Kara’s skin the entire time and sure enough we were able to keep her skin as healthy as possible. Nature’s Bubbles creams are wonderful too. Along with their soaps, we relied heavily on massaging Kara with the Relaxation (spa) lotion to help ease her pain. Kara loved the lotion so much that one night, as she was laying on that hospital bed at CHOC, she looked up at me and asked me if we could gift this lotion to all the nurses and nurse’s aides on the floor. When I asked her why, she replied, “So they can feel good too.” THAT’S HOW GREAT these products are. When she was well enough, we used NB bath bombs and that always cheered her up. They have fun flavors that adults and kids will enjoy. Our favorites soap bars are Pumpkin Beer, Oatmeal Milk Honey, Bastille and the Soother. We’re so glad there are people out there that still believe in the benefits of Nature. Thanks Diana for your time, dedication, research and love for skin care!


 Amanda O.

I am so amazed by these products. I have received so many compliments on my skin since I’ve been using them. A little less than 4 weeks. I noticed a big difference immediately, softer skin, smaller pores, a more even skin tone and fine lines are diminishing. I use less makeup now. I can’t say it enough, I’m in love!


Diana S.

I’ve been using handmade natural soaps and lotions from Aloe & Bloom for over a year now, I love how my skin feels! The body bars are amazing, the scent lasts all the way to the very last sliver as do the enriching oils. Clean, soft skin even when the dry winds have been blowing for days. I used to alternate a liquid face cleanser and a mild apricot scrub, but since starting with the Carrot facial bar I’ve tossed those. My face is cleaner, softer and smoother. I love that I’m getting better performing products and all natural hand made products, the fewer chemicals that I put on my skin the better. My sensitive skin has responded really well to the Skin Brightening Oxygen mask, I use it once a week to remove impurities and keep my skin smooth and fresh!


Adriana F.
 I have yet to try a natures bubbles or Aloe & Bloom product that I have not fallen in love with. The soaps all smell great and have cured my kids eczema. My sons toes use to get hard, cracked and bleed. Once I switched over to natures bubbles his bleeding toes healed and softened.  I know that it was the soap because when he gets showers at my moms they start splitting again. The rest of the family use to get dry and itchy and now we are hydrated straight out of the shower.  Since i have switched over my skincare to she cosmetics I have noticed that my complexion is clearer, my texture is smoother and the fine lines have plumped out. I think it took at least five years off me!  I use the green bar, vitamin c cleanser, geranium toner, serum, antioxidant lotions and eye cream.


Shannon K.

My family has been using Nature's Bubbles soaps and lotions since they were introduced. My teenage kids especially like the Charcoal soap for controlling acne. It keeps their skin clear without drying and leaves their face feeling smooth and hydrated. Every soap and lotion smells and feels fabulous! I have been using the new Aloe & Bloom products for only 1 month and can already see visible improvements to the tone and texture of my skin. My skin is dry but I don't like oily moisturizers. The combination of the fabulous, organic serum, eye cream and moisturizers have made a big difference in my skin in a short time. My skin is even beginning to have a bit of the radiance it used to!!! I am excited to see more results as the time goes by and can't wait to try the new products Aloe & Bloom will introduce. It is obvious that all the products they create are made with a passion and joy that is necessary for superior products.  I have spent a significant amount of money on products over the years and never have any been better than Aloe & Bloom at their reasonable prices. Thank you ladies for making me excited to take care of my skin again....naturally.


Dyanna S.

Well I said I wanted to wait 6 months to give an unbiased, honest review of Aloe & Bloom.  Its barely 4 months now but I am compelled. I am a terrible judge of myself. I look in the mirror and some days are good and some... well you know....  I have been using high end products most of my life thinking they must be good, cause good costs money. One thing right off the bat is Aloe & Bloom feels good both physically and mentally. This week I went in for a facial.  The anesthetist, who I had not met and did not know about Aloe & Bloom, remarked about how nice my skin was. She asked what I had been using. Yesterday a dermatologist (who had no interest in flattering me) thought I was 15 years younger than my actual age. She also asked what I had been using. It's one thing to see a change in yourself but quite another when others see it. Diana and Brittney (Nature's Bubbles & Aloe & Bloom) put their hearts into this... they believes in what they are doing and so do I. Time to say no to the chemicals and fillers and start in earnest to take care of ourselves. Nature has always done a better job.


 Nicole D.

I don't have to worry about feeling Great as long as I have my soaps and skincare products from Aloe & Bloom! Gone are the days of my dull flaky alligator skin that were once a daily complaint for me, my skin is now hydrated, nourished and looks and feels younger! I sent my mother in Canada a bottle of the antioxidant peptide face cream and she can’t stop raving about her results. It's the only products my family uses on their face & body!


Karin P.

Love love love everything about natures bubbles. I love their soaps, bubble bath, and the lotion. The Products leaves my skin feeling super smooth, hydrated , and clean. Love the bath bombs they are the "bomb". I have now started to use the she cosmetic skin care line and I absolutely love it makes my skin feel clean, and  moisturized. You truly need to try the products for yourself and I guarantee you will fall in love with them. The customer service that I have received is amazing absolutely amazing. Treat yourself and I guarantee you will fall in love with the products as much as I have.


Heather D.

My skin has always been SO sensitive as well as my sense of smell (allergies). I started using Natures Bubbles two years ago and I absolutely fell in love with their products! My skin is left fresh and amazingly soft. The variety of scents that are released are just above and beyond ones expectation. I am always excited for new products. From their soap to their skincare and the friendly customer service there is not much more I could say as I simply LOVE everything about this brand. Highly recommended.


Nelly W.

This is just to say thanks “Natures Bubbles” my skin is amazing, never thought it could feel or smell sooo good. That scrub and both bath bombs were made with angel hands --- had to be. The soap is the best there is anywhere.. Lov, lov these products!!!!